house woes.

I'm in a bit of a funk. Well, a lot of a funk. It's this house, you see (among other things). We're stuck renting (for the time being) and are on a strict budget. That, in combination with years of hand-me-downs and beau coups wedding gifts, has landed me & N (well, really just me) in a sort of design limbo, and let's just say that it's not good.

I have dreams, you see. Dreams of not living in <800 square feet. Dreams of prancing (frightfully) around rug shops, throwing money around like a newly-signed rap star. Dreams of new bookshelves (oh, the unspeakable joy!) to be arranged and re-arranged like Rob Gordon on ecstasy. Dreams of mid-century Danish night stands and storage closets; of wall colors other than "rancid milk" white.

So I've started a collection of images to get me past the buy-everything-I-like-and-hope-it-all-works-together-someday mentality (I'm ADD enough without adding in pretty stuff). Here's what I have so far:

The rugs were first seen (by me, at least) on Design*Sponge. I've tried to find the original rugs, but they're apparently incompatible with Polyvore. Sigh. The chair is Herman Miller, obvs. If you find one for cheap, let me know. The Turkish kilim pillow is from Etsy, but is no longer available. The rest of the sources are as follows: warehouse pendant light; table; Weck jars.  And about the candle. Word on the street is that the Catbird Tarot Deck candle is the best-smelling thing since buttered toast. "Pencil shavings"??! SIGN ME UP. Anyone who knows me knows that it only takes the smell of new school supplies to get me high.

In summary, the themes:

I have too much (incompatible) crap.
Get rid of stuff that I bought that I'm not all that attached to and is clearly not going to work. Ever.
Pull out a few pieces at a time and rotate every once in a while.

Yeah. Let's see how this goes.

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