And the prize for most-updated blog goes to.... 

[drum roll, please, monsieur]


I'm stellar at this, no?

Well guess what! Being locked up during an Ice-Pocalypse does some crazy shiz to a gal's brain. Unlimited amounts of dairy, coffee, and chips wields a perfect storm of cabin fever-induced mania (that in no way can be channeled into something productive, like, for example, work). So here I am. Blogging. Whoodathunk. 

Let's see. The last time I was here was in April. Since then, I've:
+ started work at a local print shop, where I've been honing my skillz and earning the dolla-dolla billz
+ expanded Scout + Lilly to several new stockists, including BRIKA
+ been to Paris (for more, see my seester's blog, since I haven't done squat with my photos yet)
+ driven all over the great state of Texas in search of friends, food, and family
+ read, like, nothing at all
+ listened to Harry Potter, like, a million times
+ eaten my weight in cheese (probably)
+ drunk many beers (definitely)
+ generally avoided this space

So I'll try and pop into this space more frequently (here, and over at the bizniss blog, too, I suppose). But until then, HULLO! 


So this week I decided to actually try recipes I've pinned on Pinterest. I have so many recipes saved (of which approximately 50000 are variations of eggs poached in tomatoes) that I figured it's time I start actually *making* them. I'm also determined to have healthy snacks around the house (with few to no grains and no dairy - these tend to be my dietary crutches). 

This week, I decided on a bit of a theme: nuts and mango, so I surveyed my food board and found a couple of recipes I could try with mostly stuff I have on hand. The recipes I chose are from a couple of my go-to ladies: Sarah Britton (from My New Roots) and Sarah Yates (from A House in the Hills). They both post healthy recipes, often without grains or dairy. I highly recommend anything they post!

So here we go. 

First up:
Sarah Britton's (of My New Roots) Life-Changing Bread

EFFECTIVE (if you catch my drift)
I didn't use a silicone loaf pan (they drive me bonkers), but lined my regular baking pan with parchment paper. Instead of flipping it over mid-baking, I just pulled it out of the pan and set it on the rack, paper and all. Turned out great. I also found that keeping it in an airtight container leaves the whole situation... clammy. So I just topped the container with foil so that some air can get in, and I think it's a better storage solution.  I've been toasting and eating a slices as snacks throughout the week, and Boyfriend has even taken some up to work with great success. I sent my mom the recipe and I think she'll adore it. Cannot sing the praises of this recipe enough. I imagine that you could make it a sweet bread by adding bits of dried fruit or savory by adding garlic or tamari. A great base recipe. 


I think I over-soaked the mango a bit, because it was kind of squishy, but I'm putting their container in the refrigerator, uncovered, to see if they dry out a bit. Even so, they still held together well enough. Also forgot to add the lime zest, but I didn't miss it. I'll add it next time. Oh - and I did end up adding some honey because I think I added a smidge too much salt. 


Delicious. Messy. 
I think I might have done this recipe a little bit wrong. Mine came out all kinds of soggy (but still awesome). I did have to do some substitutions (as I don't have any brown rice syrup). Instead of 3/4 cup of brown rice syrup, I did a 1/2 cup of honey + 1/4 cup of ginger syrup. That may have been why the liquids were so runny - maybe brown rice syrup is thicker. Anywho, they're very good, albeit sticky. They're crazy sweet, so they're definitely a dessert item or a snack for someone with a serious sweet tooth. 

Overall, a really good recipe week. I've tried recipes from both of these ladies before with pretty good success. I can't recommend their blogs enough - everything is fantastic! 

I'm thinking of making this a regular feature, so (maybe) keep tuned? :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 



So a while back, Jamie posted on Twitter (I think) that she was going to be trying this soup for dinner that night. And then, coincidentally, THIS soup popped up in my reader. And from then on, I had garlicky, starchy, green, bean-y, tomato-y soup on my brain and it WOULDN'T LET GO. But when I scavenged my pantry, I had a handful of ingredients from each recipe. So what's a good improviser to do? 


Since I made it, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's so effing garlicky and rosemary-y and delicious. So I made it again. And now I'm going to share it. Because it's awesome. 

Here's the recipe:

Hybrid Soup
(adapted from My New Roots and Food 52)

For the soup:
1 large white onion, sliced thinly into half moons
5-6 cloves garlic, minced (I use my microplane zester because it yields smoother results and it's a LOT faster)
2-3 bigger white potatoes, diced (or one large baking potato)
1 can diced tomatoes (either plain or fire roasted - no other funny flavors)
32 oz. (1 box) veggie stock (or chicken stock)
2 cans water
1 tomato boullion cube
4 cloves garlic, sliced
1 can white beans, drained and rinsed (you can use butter beans, cannelini, navy beans... whatever you have on hand)
4 bay leaves
1 teaspoon paprika (the smokier the better)
1 large sprig rosemary (about 6 inches), washed and tossed in whole 
Hefty glug of balsamic (about 4 tablespoons)

Baby kale (or other greens of choice)
Cheese (grated Parmesan or Gruyere is killer, but in a pinch, mozzarella will do) (optional)
Bread (we originally served it with super garlicky bread - as in, whole cloves in the loaf. Slice it thin, butter it, and toast it for a killer crouton-type situation.)

In a soup pot or Dutch oven, saute onions and minced garlic together until soft.
Add potatoes. Let cook a few minutes. Add canned tomatoes. Stir and cook until heated through.
Add stock, water, bouillon, sliced garlic, beans, bay leaves, and paprika. Let simmer slowly until potatoes are cooked through (about 30 minutes).
Remove bay leaves.
Add rosemary and balsamic. Let simmer slowly for 20 minutes. 
Remove rosemary and serve.

Add kale/greens to the bottom of each bowl. Top with soup. Sprinkle with cheese (if desired). Serve with toast/croutons.

Eat with other people, because you'll be deliciously stinky.

images via here and here


does one of your new year's resolutions involve getting into shape? well LET ME HELP! 
did you know that there are COUPLES workouts?? 

for example, you can tone your arms and your bum with the Passion Pass:

or you can do the Palm Pat. you know, for balance and whatnot:

or (how *adorable*) the Give & Take: (it's a metaphor, SEE?)

you could even do my absolute favorite, the Love Seat: (because that's not awkward AT ALL... or a euphemism. nope. not at all.)

aren't you guys glad I'm around to help with these things??


what a DAY you guys. 
N and I decided to get up early and take the train downtown and go to the museum of nature & science, but since we're dummies and didn't get tickets before going, we weren't able to get in. 

HOWEVER, we did have a blast walking around in the freezing weather. there's something so energizing about downtown areas - I mean, nature is great and all, but high rises and endless concrete makes it feel so *purposeful. I could walk for hours and never get tired. 

after our first failure, we tried to go to the dallas museum of art, but they wouldn't let us in with our leftover pizza (BUMMER). we weren't about to chuck the leftover 2/3 of a pizza we were toting around, so we decided to pass it up. it's always a good choice, btw, if you're ever in the area. in the end, I followed N around while he played with his Ingress game thing.

so we're thinking of making a trek to downtown a weekly ritual of sorts. I'm really digging the idea. 

1. on the train. fancy coffee!
2. the perot museum of nature and science. according to this scathing google user review, it's all about (gasp) SCIENCE (go figure). 
3. icky pigeons warming their naughty bits on the vents. seriously -they wouldn't move. I tried to mess with them, but no go. they were hunkered down for the long haul.
4. dallas' version of the high rise: an overpass-turned-park with newsstands, food trucks, grassy areas, and little cafe tables. quite awesome.
5. heading home - sun flares.
6. our reflections in the tunnel. I'm ARTSY.


Helloooooooooooooo peoples of the earth, and merriest of Christmases and Festivuses and Hannukahs and Kwanzaas and all other holidays to you!

I hail you from the great city of San Antonio, where bougainvillea blooms on Christmas Eve and the traditional holiday meal involves buttloads of tamales. 

I hope you all are having a grand ole time, wherever you may be and whomever you may be with! 

I wanted to stop in and say how very thankful I am for this past year, even with its difficulties and ridiculousness. You guys have been fantastic and supportive and all that wonderful jazz. Seriously - y'all are the bestest. I've already gotten all mushy over on the Scout & Lilly blog, so if you'd like to read more sentimental jibbering (along with a sneak peek of what's coming in 2013), head over there and see what's up :-)

I hope all your holiday wishes come true and that you stay safe and warm!


photo of the beauteous San Juan mountains by my crazy-talented and super smart little sister, Laura.


Huh. It appears I haven't posted in a while. Sorry 'bout that. 

Anywho, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! When you read this, we'll probably still be on the road from Dallas to San Antonio to visit the family. Not gonna lie, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about Thanksgiving this year. Usually I get pretty stoked, but this year, I'm off-the-charts excited. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD WILL BE EATEN. SO MUCH DELICIOUS RED WINE WILL BE DRUNK. 


I feel like I'm still in college, guys. That's how excited I am. 

I hope all your Thanksgiving dreams come true and that you all travel safely and have a super awesome time!