N and I have made a very difficult decision.

After months of unhappiness, anxiety, and searching for employment in places far, far away, we have come to a conclusion and have decided to move to Austin.

To be quite honest, I am beyond thrilled. It’s not ideal – my first choice would be anywhere out of the country, or even somewhere far from here with a completely different climate… you know, somewhere with *winter*. However, as far as cultures go, Austin fits the bill.

You see, I’ve been unhappy for a long time. We currently live where we went to college, and since I’m being all honest and shit, it was an impulsive decision (for me) to even go to school at this university. I didn’t even consider going out of state, which, given my personality and constant affliction with wanderlust, is surprising. I’ve been here 9 years; N has been here for almost 10. I’m done.

N and I currently live in a stiflingly conservative area, where city growth goes unchecked, residents water their lawns at 5 pm in 110* heat, and the Ford F350 is ubiquitous. Waste is a way of life, and rhetoric is heated and driven by “faith”. I’m a firm believer that a place has a profound effect on one’s sense of self, and this place does not encourage me to be my best.

Austin suits us.  I grew up not far from there and have always felt an affinity for the mix of conservative and liberal, old and new, cattle ranching and veganism, and accessibility to the creativity of the collective. It seems a place of forces in balance.

So we’re moving on. We’ve spoken with friends and family, we’ve begun searching for ways to pay the bills. So please keep us in your thoughts as we make this journey into the unknown. It’s going to be terrifying, but hopefully it’ll give us the boost we’ve so badly needed.