This weekend we went to Austin.
The trip was pretty spur-of-the-moment (N was suddenly able to get crazy cheap tickets to see The Naked & Famous and we figured why the hell not?). 

Surprisingly enough, it ended up being crazy productive and amazing. 

We went to the show on Friday night. Honestly, we knew like one song, but for 10 bucks a piece, it was a pretty ballin evening.

Saturday we got a late start. Coffee and whatnot in the morning, tacos and driving around in the afternoon. We spent most of the day combing Austin neighborhoods for "For Rent" signs in the hopes that something completely epic and cheap would fall into our laps. No such luck. At least there was El Chilito and more coffee to make us un-grumpy.

Sunday was more driving. And more tacos. This time: Torchy's. Verdict: meh. I went for the potato taco and a migas taco, both of which were just fine. Their queso, however, was AMAZEBALLS.

Also eaten: P.Terry's Burgers, home of the most amazing veggie burger known to man (until I find the next one). SO GOOD. Didn't get a picture, as I scarfed it pretty damn quick.

Random scenes:

When we got home Sunday night, we were crazy exhausted. Luckily, we left Austin armed with tons of info about apartments and a list of places to visit this coming weekend when we head back for a bitchin Halloween party.

How was your weekend? 

All photos by me.


  1. Of all the many places I have been all over the states, Texas is the vacant spot, and Austin is high on my list. I am brokenhearted to have had to cancel my sibling trip to Austin that was planned with my sister over thanksgiving. This post really, really makes me want to hit the road! Color me inspired/reminded.

  2. glad I could help :-) it's a bummer your trip had to be cancelled - it's so much fun. check out Abby's blog - she moved there from Portland and has some stunning photos.