giving thanks.

at times, it can be difficult, no? it's easy to complain, to have something to worry about. but this is the time of year when we are reminded just how lucky we truly are. 

I'm thankful for so much. 
while this past year has been emotionally arduous, I'm reminded on a daily basis of how bad things could *actually* be.

we have food in the refrigerator.
our bills are paid.
(well, with the exception of student loans, but who counts those?)
our gas tanks are full.
both of us are employed.
we both have families who support us almost blindly, even when we seem to least deserve it.
we have friends who care.
we have clothes on our backs. 
we have basic necessities that are often taken for granted - clean water, trash removal, and access to services many around the globe cannot even dream of. 

incredibly lucky. incredibly blessed.

today was spent with both of our families - a rare occurrence. we started with my family: a late lunch of epic proportions. sweet & yukon potatoes au gratin, turkey, roasted cauliflower & broccoli in a garlic cream sauce, rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole (by yours truly), avocado & pomegranate salad, gravy, dressing, the works. followed by ricotta cake with macerated berries, coffee, truffles, and chocolate mint brownies. 

I nearly died of food ecstasy. 

two hours later, we arrived at N's grandparents' farm for Operation Fat Pants: Round Two. 
an avalanche of appetizers, more turkey, SO.MUCH.dressing, more sweet potatoes, cranberry salad, gravy, buttered rolls. everything was finished with amazing Czech cream cheese & poppy seed bread (made from kolache dough). SO GOOD. 

post-feasting included watching football on cell phones, impromptu surgery to remove glass from N's 10-year-old cousin's foot, a couple of hair cuts, and lots of jabbering. 
in summary: perfect. 

I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving.

I hope all was well with you and yours, and that your pants no longer fit (ahem, like me). I also hope that you were smart enough to not forget your other pair of jeans in case of such an emergency - like this smart chick did.

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