I'm in need of some boots. 
I have some AMAZING Frye Harness Boots (see here), but for general all-weather warmness and comfort, I need something else. 

I've been wearing (something similar to) these Ugg boots forever, because they're simple, classic, and warm (and my parents bought them. ahem). But let's face it: it's time for something else. 

My boots needs to handle a lot: slush, snow, rain, lots of walking, etc. We go to Colorado every Christmas and do lots and lots of walking, snow shoeing, etc, and I'll wear them around Texas, too.

Ok. So.
How do we feel about these Sperry Saddlebrook (or "Avon") Boots?

I'm liking everything but the heel - it seems a little... high. 

I really like the Clark's Wallabee, but they're not quite right for what I need them for. Doesn't look like it'd be warm, waterproof, blah blah blah. But they are cute.

And these. Classic.

Obviously, these are far cooler, and are thus an option. 

I *am* concerned about traction, though. These suckers tend to not grab snow so well. And I'm not so sure they'd be great for standard wearing around Texas.

So yeah. I'm in a pickle. Any input would be MOST welcome. 


  1. ooh I love those! but I'm worried about traction - how are they in the snow/ice/slush, etc?

  2. love the last two options, probably because I'm forever in love with my LL Bean "Bean Boots". Being a Texas resident, I don't get a ton of opportunities to wear them but they've been my indispensable winter favorite for over a decade. Initially, I worried about traction but I've yet to slip on ice (something North Texas gets plenty of) while wearing them (which I can't say for any other shoe I've owned).