guys, we have a dilemma on our hands that I hope you can help us with (please!). 
 see that gigantic open wall above? we have NO clue what to do with it. 

here's the current setup:
basically, we it's where we keep a bunch of random (and temporary) stuff. some items going to goodwill (that need to be picked over during impending family visits), our high velocity fan (or SUPER AWESOME WIND MACHINE), and Lola's bed. the wall is adjacent to where we keep our entertainment center. 

unfortunately, the entertainment center cannot be moved. the living room is laid out REALLY weirdly, so basically, we have to keep everything in front of our fire place like so:

our TV is on the fritz and will be replaced somewhat soon (most likely with a larger version).
the sideboard will eventually be refinished (similar to this).
and the mantle is kind of a random collection of stuff right now. 

so tell me: what should I do with that large, empty wall?

the light isn't that great in there (zero overhead lights) and we're stuck with that obnoxious taupe. 
in an ideal world, I would paint all the walls crisp white and do maybe dark, rough wood floating shelves where I could swap out artwork/photos (of which we have an overabundance). in the meantime, I'm at a loss. maybe a gallery wall? (SNORE.)

so any ideas would be most welcome!



  1. clearly, that wall needs to have shelving and lots of plants. plants fix everything.

    1. You know, I was thinking that. All of my plants (except for a new aloe) are out on the patio right now. My Hoya wasn't doing so well, but that wall gets a bit of sunlight during the day, so that might work. And I could *totally* use my new neon macrame plant hangers!!

  2. I was just at a friend's house and she had framed a large piece of wallpaper and it looks fantastic. It was BIG and dramatic, and (i bet) not too expensive. Might be worth a shot?

    1. That's a really good idea! Some friends of ours just found a gigantic roll of the most awesome metallic walllpaper from the '70s in their attic - maybe they could part with some? And I have a 36x36" frame that I bought from the Habitat ReStore I've been dying to use. Thanks!!