Oy, you guys.... shiz has been cray-zay around here! I'm so sorry for the absence! We had a big family visit, where my mom, dad, aunt, sister, and brother-in-law all came for a long weekend. It was super great... and super exhausting. We did the State Fair, ate TONS of amazing food, and had a wonderful time. It was just what I needed. 

1. A genetic predisposition for ridiculousness (the pictured auntie shall remain nameless).
2. On our way to the Fried Food Fiesta (aka, Texas State Fair).
3. Fried cookie dough. Otherwise known as the best damn cookie I've ever eaten. SO GOOEY. 
4. Boyfriend, Tex, and me.  

5. Sister (!!), Tex, and me. Tex gets around. Also: sister visits are the best. Seriously.
6. Emo Alpaca in the petting zoo. 
7. The Texas Star. It was too freakishly cold and the line was ridonk, so we didn't ride it. But they released birds from it, which was pretty cool. 
8. Jazz hands photo bomb on the train, courtesy of above auntie. 

1. Hibiscus. Holy yum, you guys. We shared a bunch of appetizers (grilled figs + burrata, anyone?), had amazing drinks, and were probably the most obnoxious table in the entire restaurant. 
2. Thrifting with my sister and close friend. Some great deals were had. 
3. Village Burger Bar. There were 9 of us, so we sat outside in 40 degree weather, pulling the heaters closer to the table. The restaurant people yelled at us. It was still cold, but delicious. We then peaced out to a bar and had a great time with lots of family and lots of friends (ain't it great when they blend so well?). 
4. The State Fair. It was all of our first times out there, and it was crazy cold, but a lot of fun. However, it was A LOT bigger than any of us planned, so about halfway through, we felt like we were pretty much done. 

In addition, I've been working on the shop. I've hit a couple of road blocks, but other than that, things are chugging along steadily. I've added some amazing new vintage items (including my favorite item so far: a vintage woven leather Cole Haan bag... it has a strap that's the perfect length for both cross-body and shoulder wearing, and is the perfect size. sigh). I'm also working on some new baby items! They should be up later this week. Get excited!

So anywho, that's what's up. I'll try to keep posting more regularly, particularly with stuff other than the shop. I know it can get a bit wearing to hear about that kind of stuff all the time! 


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