And the prize for most-updated blog goes to.... 

[drum roll, please, monsieur]


I'm stellar at this, no?

Well guess what! Being locked up during an Ice-Pocalypse does some crazy shiz to a gal's brain. Unlimited amounts of dairy, coffee, and chips wields a perfect storm of cabin fever-induced mania (that in no way can be channeled into something productive, like, for example, work). So here I am. Blogging. Whoodathunk. 

Let's see. The last time I was here was in April. Since then, I've:
+ started work at a local print shop, where I've been honing my skillz and earning the dolla-dolla billz
+ expanded Scout + Lilly to several new stockists, including BRIKA
+ been to Paris (for more, see my seester's blog, since I haven't done squat with my photos yet)
+ driven all over the great state of Texas in search of friends, food, and family
+ read, like, nothing at all
+ listened to Harry Potter, like, a million times
+ eaten my weight in cheese (probably)
+ drunk many beers (definitely)
+ generally avoided this space

So I'll try and pop into this space more frequently (here, and over at the bizniss blog, too, I suppose). But until then, HULLO! 

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