I'm writing this post at 1 am on a Sunday night. Not because I'm super productive and my days are so crammed that I have no time to blog, but because I drank way too much Coke Zero at N's birthday dinner. (I know. I'm disgusting for drinking diet sodas. I'm working on it.)

My brain thinks I'm currently on extended vacation. Moving up here has me in a "let's fuck around all day!" mentality, which can't be altogether healthy, seeing as that apparently means that I fill my days with as many episodes of "My Boys" as possible. (Again, I know I'm gross. But we can't all be responsible for what we watch on Netflix.) To top it off, the Verizon guy came by the house and worked some crazy voodoo magic and BOOM: we have a cable-type situation through our X-Box. We haven't had cable in YEARS. I never realized how much I missed marathons of "House Hunters" until today, when I discovered that I woke up at 11 am and my ass didn't leave a couch or a bed until 2:00, when we went to get burgers, and 7:30, when we went out to N's favorite local restaurant to get wings for his birthday. (Reason #3 on the "Kathleen is disgusting" list.)

Oh yeah - but I *am* technically working. That is, I'm watching an insanely cute (and I'm not going to lie, very easygoing) 4-month old. I know I will one day eat my words, because that's what kids do, but I really do have it so, so sweet right now. She's a wonderful kid. But I may be a little biased. (You know that thing where someone really close to you has a baby and you pretty much become super enamored and protective because hey, it's pretty much your baby, too, but not really? Yeah. That. Except add in that you're also the nanny which means you spend a good 9 hours per day with her just hanging out and making her laugh. It's crazy.)

So yeah. Life is pretty great right now.

(Pardon the lack of photo to accompany this post. I'm absolute shit at finding good ones that aren't incredibly obvious. Case in point: I just found myself searching "tunnel" photos on Flickr. You know, for "light at the end of the tunnel". I mean, seriously.)

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