what a DAY you guys. 
N and I decided to get up early and take the train downtown and go to the museum of nature & science, but since we're dummies and didn't get tickets before going, we weren't able to get in. 

HOWEVER, we did have a blast walking around in the freezing weather. there's something so energizing about downtown areas - I mean, nature is great and all, but high rises and endless concrete makes it feel so *purposeful. I could walk for hours and never get tired. 

after our first failure, we tried to go to the dallas museum of art, but they wouldn't let us in with our leftover pizza (BUMMER). we weren't about to chuck the leftover 2/3 of a pizza we were toting around, so we decided to pass it up. it's always a good choice, btw, if you're ever in the area. in the end, I followed N around while he played with his Ingress game thing.

so we're thinking of making a trek to downtown a weekly ritual of sorts. I'm really digging the idea. 

1. on the train. fancy coffee!
2. the perot museum of nature and science. according to this scathing google user review, it's all about (gasp) SCIENCE (go figure). 
3. icky pigeons warming their naughty bits on the vents. seriously -they wouldn't move. I tried to mess with them, but no go. they were hunkered down for the long haul.
4. dallas' version of the high rise: an overpass-turned-park with newsstands, food trucks, grassy areas, and little cafe tables. quite awesome.
5. heading home - sun flares.
6. our reflections in the tunnel. I'm ARTSY.

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