1. I haven't exercised in, like, a week. But packing counts... right?

2. I've eaten my weight in cheese this week, and it's only Wednesday. I'm not exactly sticking to the very sensible "eat everything we already have" plan. Tacos from down the street are just SO MUCH easier (not to mention far more delicious).

3. I may have experienced mild panic attack Monday night. Nbd.

4. We're moving! Yay!

5. We're moving! FUCK ME RUNNING.

6. Moving's expensive.

7. I keep finding those really disgusting bird-like mosquito bug things in the house. They fly around like crazed maniacs and smack me in the face. Fucking terrifying.

8. I love my in-laws. They're helping us this weekend. They also helped us move in here so we could live in sin before the wedding. At the time, my mother in law didn't realize that was what was happening. I love her.

9. We have too much stuff. Want some of it?

10. I saw this post on Shiny Squirrel - are little boy suits a thing now? God I hope not. Also, it kinda looks like the last guy is sporting a semi... which is gross.

11. I went to the dentist on Monday. My teeth are delightfully clean.

12. (I'm not blogging to avoid packing. No really.)

13. (OK, maybe I am.)


  1. Okay, clearly I need to get all caught up with your blog. But moving—like, whoa nelly and stuff!

    1. Right?? It was a HUGE change, but we're having so much fun!

  2. so somehow i stumbled on your blog (the internet is a rabbit hole), and this post made me laugh really, really hard. so thanks! hope moving went well, and when did your mother in law find out about the living in sin part?

    1. thanks for commenting! and yes, moving went very well. we're loving it up here so far.

      and as far as the whole mother-in-law thing goes, I think she found out sometime shortly after we moved in together. I'm not quite sure, as she had the conversation with N. but it was pretty hilarious!